Embracing the End of the School Year

Dear End of the School Year,

I feel like you get a bit of a bad rap. You with your many parties, endless papers and work, work, work. I hear things like “I’m so over you” and “will this end already?!!”.

So maybe I’m the odd one here, but I kind of love you. It all started in third grade. You came along, but my family was moving to a new town before you officially arrived. And you beckoned me with your field trips and parties and celebrations. My parents understood my desire to not miss out on any of your promised goodness and allowed me to stay behind with my best friend.

Ever since, I have loved you. You are the invitation to summer. You are the culmination of all of the hard work throughout the year. You are the grand celebrator of all achievements.

And so, I can’t help but love you. You offer so much and I completely understand how this puts some people off. But for me, it is a beautiful time that represents all of the things I enjoy. Celebrating the hard work that my kids have put in. Crying as I watch them perform and I hear about their successes. Looking through their journals from the entire year. Scouring their art portfolios. Expressing gratitude for teachers who have worked hard to the very end. And then, the best prize of all- SUMMERTIME!!!!

So, if you are looking for me, I will be the one with the camera and the tissues. I will be at every performance, every concert, every “moving up” ceremony (we have 2 this year, thank you very much!). I will be the one planning a special breakfast, fun outfits and chalkboard “end of the year” signs on the last day of school. And we will celebrate with a trip to Brown’s Berry Patch, because you are a cause for celebration.

We are waiting with great anticipation for all that lies ahead.

So bring it on, end of the school year! We are so ready for you. Thank you for being the springboard to our most favorite time of the year!


Your Biggest Fan

P.S. I am so very thankful that my parents had the wisdom to embrace the end of the school year activities. They have left a legacy for me that I hope to pass on to my children. One of celebration and one of making the most of the little moments and the big.

P.P.S. For all the teachers out there who have to deal with surly, so-over-it parents~ I am sorry. If parents think that the end of the school year is a lot to take in, I can only imagine how hectic this time is for you. So, thank you for loving our kids. Thank you for your hard work. And thank you for finishing well! You are appreciated more than you know!


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