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Disappointed or Deliberate?

The other night, our family watched “The Princess Bride” movie for the umpteenth time, but this time our four year old daughter was seeing it for the first time or at least the first time that she truly understood what was happening. *Spoiler*… As Buttercup pushed the man in black over the cliff, my eyes were drawn to my daughter […]

Impress or Inspire

Do I do what I do to impress others or to inspire them? This is a question that I ask frequently of myself. In the past, I have  answered it based on the ways I assumed others would answer it. Did she think I was trying to get attention for myself? Did he think I was trying to prove something? […]

Genuine and Generous

My sister used to laugh at me, because in the course of conversation I would often mention a dear friend of mine. She would laugh, because she said that everyone was a dear friend to me. And I realized that she was right. I don’t love with parts of me. If you are my friend, I am all in. My life […]

Curve Balls and Courage

What do you do when life throws you curve balls? Because it will. One moment you will be hitting the balls out of the park and the next, life will slam into you, knocking you over, stealing your breath away. It is happening all around me right now. Friends have lost loved ones in the most difficult of ways, too […]

Annoyance and Astonishment

“He sprayed me with water while I was trying to take a picture!”, I said to my husband (complete with hand gestures to emphasize my irritation). “Well, you WERE standing in range of where he could spray you with water, right?”, my matter-of-fact, point-out-the-obvious husband stated. “Yes, but…” (I really don’t understand where my children get this need-to-argue-everything THING from). We were at […]